Consciousness. Communication. Change.

Muna Wagner
  Facilitator Presenter



  1. It's all about communication.



Muna Wagner is a freelance writer, facilitator and presenter based in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Brazil, raised in five different countries and has lived on three continents. 

Her core motivation in life is bringing people closer together while celebrating our diversity.



"Consciousness. Communication. Change. Nothing more, but definitely nothing less." This is the chorus of her life's song and a constant in all her fiction and non-fiction writing. Her portfolio includes poetry, short stories, screen plays, as well as socio-critical blog posts on German society, and a column on projects and people that make a difference.

As intercultural trainer and facilitator Muna imparts skills, which allow for smoother communication in international contexts and provides tools to address misunderstandings and disputes, which are rooted in cultural, structural, and/or personal differences. She supports companies, organizations, and start-ups as well as individuals in their journey towards progress and change. Her clients are primarily of European, American or Indian background.
Muna is an associate at the Impulse Institut Berlin and holds a teaching assignment from the Charité University Hospital Berlin. 

Charm, wit and provocative questions posed with a warm smile make up Muna's style as a presenter. Be it in interviews, Q&As with the audience, or in heated panel discussions - she keeps her poise while interacting with guests and audiences alike with great ease and a pinch of irony.

Muna received a Master's Degree in North American Studies, Political Science and Modern History from the Freie Universität Berlin. She also studied at the New York Film Academy and enjoys working pro bono for changemaker projects in the UNESCO supported universal township Auroville, South India.